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Perfect red lips with Fernando Torquatto

Hey guys!

Today I’m here to translate a tutorial of one of my favourite makeup artists ever, Fernando Torquatto.
It’s simple and easy, I loved it!,FERNANDO-TORQUATTO-ENSINA-COMO-PASSAR-BATOM-VERMELHO,144833,256,0.htm

Here we go! 😀

“I’m Fernando Torquatto and I’m gonna teach how to do red lips.

Red is fashionable since the 40s,  like in  Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo …and it still in fashion today.
The traditional way used  to do red lips, is using  lipstick  as you guys are seeing here .
The darker red, the most open one,  and blood red.
If you have  doubts  and don’t want to take risks, here’s the tip: Do your red lips with red pencil.
With the pencil, you can contour and fill your  lips at the same time.
Could it be easier?
I’ll show here, how to do it,  in my special guest.
A good tip to highlight the contour of the red lip, is to use a concealer like this, and light
the region around the lips.
That way, you can draw attention to the lips and don’t  mark the outline at the same time.
Red-mate  lips are  fashionable and will always be.
But I think that now, it  requires a more shiny look.
If you want be trendy, cover your lips with gloss.
That’s it! Incredible red lips for you to shine.”
By Fernando Torquatto
From: TV Estadão
Translation by Juliana Araújo